The film was originally 4 hours long, so there are many scenes that had to be deleted and did not fit in the final cut.

A view of Mr. & Mrs. Perlman bedroom

They filmed a scene of the parents during a moment of intimacy inspired by Elio and Oliver talking outside, but it didn’t make the final cut of the film.

In an interview Timothée was asked which of the deleted scenes he wished were still in the movie, and he picked the one where Mr and Mrs Perlman have sex, mostly because he wished people could see the production design of this room.

André Aciman had this to say about the scene: „I told the producers they were free to do what they wanted. The only thing I changed, was to strike down a scene where the parents were talking about Elio and Oliver’s relationship. I wanted the audience to know the father knew about them only in the scene where he discusses it with Elio, at the end of the movie. If not, it was anti-climactic.”

The following scene would have followed immediately after Marzia questioned Elio about their relationship

olivér láberotikája

Elio’s gift to Oliver-Armance

törölt jelenet

„We rode our bicycles to town that morning.”

“In years to come, if the book was still in his possession, I wanted him to ache. Better yet, I wanted someone to look through his books one day, open up this tiny volume of Armance, and ask, ‘Tell me who was in silence, somewhere in Italy in the mid-eighties?’”

We see footage of this scene on set, where Elio gives Oliver the Armance book, with a message written inside. We see Oliver with the book at the breakfast table after the night they first make love. We would have understood more context if they had kept this scene when Elio gives Oliver the book.

Zwischen immer und nie – Poem by Paul Celan:

zwischen immer und nie