Call me by your name filming locations: Bergamo. Let’s see what is behind it? What should we know?

Towards the end of Oliver’s stay, he and Elio spend three passionate days in Bergamo before Oliver returns to America.

Bergamo is split into two. The historical centre is called ‘Bergamo Alta’ (Upper Bergamo) and the newest area is ‘Bergamo Bassa’, (Downtown Bergamo), the former being the old town with most of the sights and the latter the modern residential area built in the 20th century. The scenes of Call Me by Your Name filmed here were also shot in the Città Alta.

1. Hotel Agnello D’Oro

After a day of hiking, Oliver and Elio check in to their hotel room at the Agnello D’Oro in Bergamo. Unfortunately, this hotel is now closed for good.

Hotel Agnello D'OroBergamo hotel

2. Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

Bergamo marks the point where Elio and Oliver’s love is proudly set free with several scenes expressing joy and laughter, as the lovers get drunk and dance in the street. As you stroll through Città Alta you may notice the doorway where Oliver joyfully dances with a female stranger


as Elio lovingly looks on, until the boozing gets the best of him. Oliver takes you down the stairs to Piazza Duomo, where the Duomo of Bergamo is located.

The fountain used in the scene does not exist and was constructed purely for that moment.

Bergamo szökőkútBergamo kút helye

„One big change that came about because it would have been too expensive, was when the two boys go off on a little trip together toward the end of the story in the film. Originally, as in the novel, they were going to make a trip to Rome. It was an entire chapter of the novel and I just dropped that, I thought we couldn’t do it, and I devised another kind of a little trip they’d make. The idea was they would have some time together away from the house. But that, too, was too expensive, so they had to think up another solution…” James Ivory

3. BergamoAlta – between the corner of Via Mario Lupo and Piazza Duomo

Bergamo Alta, with its classic and poignant beauty, is the scene of Elio and Oliver’s passionate kiss. The two of them, standing at the walls of the University of Science, Literature and Arts, create an indelible moment for the audience.

az élet csókja

„Every time I go back to Rome, I go back to

that one spot. It is still alive for me, still

resounds with something totally present, as

though a heart stolen from a tale by Poe still

throbbed under the ancient slate pavement to

remind me that, here, I had finally encountered

the life that was right for me but had failed to


(André Aciman: Call Me By Your Name )