Elio&Oliver Love Tour

If you’re a die-hard Call Me by Your Name fan and want to experience the magical atmosphere of the film in person on the original locations, don’t miss the Elio & Oliver Love Tour to Italy!

On an organised tour, you can visit beautiful Crema and other surrounding towns that were part of Luca Guadagnino’s vision for his timeless cinematic masterpiece.


Local ‘guides’, who are passionate film fans themselves, will take you to the locations of the scenes seen in the film, so you can take a dip in the spring water of Elio’s secret location, play poker in the bar or let your mind wander to your Oliver while you lie on the grass.


The guides will also share many of the stories and secrets from the shoot, such as what the cast and crew’s favourite restaurants and hangouts were. And they add lots of background information to the visual experience during the tour. You can hop on a motorbike or bicycle for some of the sections, but the longer routes are taken by car and of course the film’s theme songs provide the appropriate background music.

After the visual experience, it’s definitely worth visiting the Pro Loco Information Point in Crema, the meeting point for all Call Me by Your Name film and book fans!


Here, the „Call me by your name” room has been set up, where the props used for the filming of the movie bring to life one of the iconic scenes set in Crema’s main square. You can sit down for a photo at the café table where Elio and Oliver had their first rest during their first outing together, or take a look at the bicycles that the protagonists rode through the beautiful Italian countryside that summer.

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Of course, you’ll also find all kinds of information material, maps to help you find your way around the film locations and, surprise surprise:) souvenirs to take home with you.

Pro Loco Crema

We have the opportunity to record our thoughts in the guestbook or on the fan experience boards.

ProLoco Crema

In 2018, the „Call me by your name in black and white” exhibition featured paintings by artist Anna Popolo, who captured many scenes from the film on acrylic canvas.

Anna Popolo Anna Popolo

If you would like to take something special with you to remember both the film and your trip to Italy, you can buy these images in postcard form at the information point.

As a parting gift, all visitors will also receive a special peach pin as a souvenir.

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