A limited edition Deluxe Photo Book was published in Japan, containing around 750 photographs and showing each day of filming. Most of the photos below are taken from this book, and you can also get a glimpse of some of the scenes from the set, with a few comments from the actors or the director. If you buy the DVD of the film, you will find some of these treasures under Extras. We’ve already published 5 of them, now it’s the turn of the next 5.


I don’t want you to go

One of the defining moments of the film was the peach scene, when both Elio and Oliver give in to their feelings. Director Luca Guadagnino talked about the different aspects of the scene that came together to make it work.”The real unsung hero is the wonderful Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, our cinematographer.

„You need focus and a concentration and a sort of devotion to the beauty in all things that this man has in his eyes. And I remember we were shooting the end of the scene when finally Elio cries on Oliver’s shoulder, and Oliver, from being a sort of an aggressor, becomes immediately a welcomer.”

Guadagnino further explained that the moment was especially emotional for Mukdeeprom, whose deep understanding of the scene likely came through onscreen. „We say, ‘Cut.’ And there was Sayombhu, in the far corner of the room, crying and weeping. Because he witnessed something beautiful happening there, but the kindness of his gaze was there.”


Which scene was the most exciting, moving to shoot?

„When we went to Bergamo at the waterfalls – artificial waterfalls, because it’s really a dam. We had to hike for a long time in the woods, for like an hour and a half, […] and each of us had to carry something. It’s always touching to remember that day. — Luca Guadagnino


And Luca goes “I want you to think about the possibilities of impossibility”. – “No, no, wait, I don’t understand.” And he goes: “Just do it!” and he hit me. Like hard. And it just stunted me. And then he turned around and walked down the mountain. And then the water started to fall and they said action and I kinda turned around like “You just hit me!”.» – Armie Hammer on the shooting of the waterfall scene


The Last Kiss – The Kiss of Life

“This was the last shot we did in the movie. This was the last scene we shot. It was tough to get, we did a number of takes for this kiss.” (note: it took 8 takes)

“Because it’s supposed to be, you know, maybe the most unabashed kiss between the lovers in the movie.”

“But that’s tough to play…there’s no way to…when it’s overdone it becomes less real.”


Forever Friends

“I made Esther speak a dialogue that is from J’entends plus la guitare (I can no longer hear the guitar) which is the masterpiece from Phillipe Garrel. It’s at the end of the movie when they finally meet, and they speak about being friends for life. That was really… we took the dialogue from Garrel and we put it in the mouth of Garrel’s daughter. That was a nice mise en abyme.“ – Luca Guardagnino


The island of calm

“The vibe on set felt exactly like what the vibe of the movie was. Super laid back. It felt like a vacation. I mean, if there was 5 minutes of just downtime or something happened everybody would just like kick back in the grass, open a newspaper, drink coffee…” – Armie Hammer


The red sweater

The sweater worn by Michael Stuhlbarg in the phone call scene belongs to director Luca Guadagnino, who wore it during the train scene.