1. Crema – Piazza Duomo

Elio and Oliver are sitting at the little cafe with iron chairs and tables, drinking coffee. Oliver examines bank application forms, then folds them up and puts them in his knapsack. He looks around the almost empty square.


crema piazza duomo

Oliver: „What does one do around here?”
Elio: „Nothing. Wait for summer to end.”

Pro Loco Crema (Tourist Information Office) has put the exact same bikes on display in Crema’s main square that were used in the film. Tourists can take photos in this place at their leisure.



They silently reclaim their bikes. Oliver seems to be miles away, but as Elio is getting on his bike, he loses balance for a moment and Oliver puts his arm around Elio’s shoulder, steadying him. He then speeds off, saying “Later”, leaving Elio on his own.

Crema Piazza Duomo


2. Street of Crema –Via Marazzi

Walking past the passageway on the narrow alley, Vicolo Marazzi – the one we saw in the film when Marzia walked hand-in-hand with Elio from the arcades, we also get to the Piazza Premoli. The palazzo that gave the name to the square on Via Benzoni is not only the place where the two kissed. Is also Guadagnino’s home and where Timothée Chalamet spent so much time in the spring of 2016 with his music professor, the composer, Roberto Solci, learning to play piano and where both Timothée and Armie Hammer spent so many evenings after work watching classics together with the director and his company.

3. Piazza Premoli Crema

„Why do you say that?” scene

Marzia: – People who read are hiders. They hide who they are. People who hide don’t always like who they are.

Elio: – Do you hide who you are?

Marzia: – Sometimes. Don’t you?

Elio: – Do I? I suppose. Do you hide from me?

Marzia: – No, not from you. Or maybe, yes, a bit.

Elio: – Like what?

Marzia:- You know exactly like what.

Elio:- Why do you say that?

Marzia:- Why? „Because I think you can hurt me and I don’t want to be hurt.”





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